Definition of Commercial letter of credit

1. Noun. A letter of credit given to a business concern for commercial purposes.

Generic synonyms: Letter Of Credit

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Literary usage of Commercial letter of credit

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Foreign Exchange by Albert Conser Whitaker (1919)
"CHAPTER VII THE BANK CREDIT AND LETTER OF CREDIT § 37. The nature of the commercial credit.—The purpose of a commercial letter of credit is to enable an ..."

2. Brooks' Foreign Exchange Text Book: An Elementary Treatise on Foreign by Howard Keyes Brooks (1906)
"A commercial letter of credit, or, as sometimes called, a mercantile letter of ... It is not necessary for the purchaser of a commercial letter of credit to ..."

3. Foreign Commercial Credits: A Study in the Financing of Foreign Trade by George William Edwards (1922)
"THE X BANK Gentlemen: New York, Commercial Letter of Credit No We hereby authorize ... to Insurance Drafts under this Commercial Letter of Credit must be ..."

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