Definition of Computer memory

1. Noun. An electronic memory device. "A memory and the CPU form the central part of a computer to which peripherals are attached"

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Literary usage of Computer memory

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Teachers & Technology: Making the Connection by DIANE Publishing Company (1995)
"ROM (read only memory) Once information has been entered into this part of the computer's memory, it can be read as often as required, but cannot be changed ..."

2. Concrete Abstractions: An Introduction to Computer Science Using Scheme by Max. Hailperin, Barbara. Kaiser, Karl. Knight (1999)
"The subproblem approach is less efficient because some ofthe computer's memory needs to be used to remember what the main problem was while it is doing the ..."

3. Base SAS(R) 9.1.3 Procedures Guide, Second Edition, Volumes 1-4 by Sas Institute (2006)
"Computer Resources The total of unique class values that PROC MEANS allows depends on the amount of computer memory that is available. ..."

4. The New Everyday: Views on Ambient Intelligenceby Stefano Marzano by Stefano Marzano (2003)
"computer memory aims to be a factual record, a system into which data can be entered, to be recovered at any time in an identical form. ..."

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