Definition of Continental breakfast

1. Noun. A breakfast that usually includes a roll and coffee or tea.

Exact synonyms: Petit Dejeuner
Generic synonyms: Breakfast

Definition of Continental breakfast

1. Noun. a light breakfast, often as served in a hotel, usually consisting of cereal, juice, and pastries, but without any fried items. ¹

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Literary usage of Continental breakfast

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Virginia Handbook by Blair Howard (2001)
"Free continental breakfast and a senior citizen discount are offered. ... The hotel has an indoor pool and serves a complimentary continental breakfast. ..."

2. Battlefields of the Civil War, Vol. II by Blair Howard (1995)
"Children under 12 stay free, crib free, pool, free continental breakfast, ... Family rates, crib free, cafe, free continental breakfast in rooms, ..."

3. Adventure Guide to Trinidad & Tobago by Kathleen O'Donnell, S Harry Pefkaros (2000)
"Deluxe rooms have AC, TV, phone, and refrigerator, and cost $35 single, $45 double, including continental breakfast. For the very budget minded, ..."

4. The Great American Wilderness: Touring America's National Parks by Larry H. Ludmer (2000)
"Rate includes continental breakfast. 71 rooms. Not quite as nice as the Doubletree, but may well be a better value. Swimming pool. ..."

5. Adventure Guide to Bermuda by Blair Howard (2004)
"continental breakfast is served throughout the morning, and you can cook meals for yourself in the kitchen, which is fully equipped with pots, ..."

6. Beautiful Accomodation in New South Wales, Australia: The Discerning Guide by Jennifer Marie Lamattina (2004)
"Full breakfast: usually continental breakfast plus some additional cooked items. • Breakfast provisions: are usually provided in self-contained ..."

7. Bolivia by Vivien Lougheed (2006)
"continental breakfast is included and some English is spoken. There are seven floors and an ... Rates include a continental breakfast and Internet access. ..."

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