Definition of Continentally

1. Adverb. In a continental manner or to a continental extent ¹

2. Adverb. With regard to continents ¹

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Definition of Continentally

1. [adv]

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Literary usage of Continentally

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Annual Report of the American Bar Association: Including Proceedings of the by American Bar Association (1911)
"... people thought locally and others thought continentally," and asserting that " we are still divided to some degree along the same line," he reaches this ..."

2. The Monroe Doctrine: National Or International?: The Problem and Its Solution by William Isaac Hull (1915)
"Our fellow-countrymen of to-day must "think internationally"; that is, they must think not only "continentally," in terms of the ..."

3. Experts in City Government by Edward Augustus Fitzpatrick (1919)
"There was a time when the people did think continentally first, and nearly always; now they are thinking continentally, and locally as well; ..."

4. The Monroe Doctrine: National Or International? by William Isaac Hull (1915)
"Our fellow-countrymen of to-day must "think internationally"; that is, they must think not only "continentally," in terms of the United States, ..."

5. Proceedings by Royal Geographical Society (Great Britain), Norton Shaw, Francis Galton, William Spottiswoode, Clements Robert Markham, Henry Walter Bates, John Scott Keltie (1886)
"Peninsula, by Panama, to the mouth of the Guayaquil river, and with the unnamed bight in the Indian Ocean bounded continentally by the north-west coast of ..."

6. Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society Held at Philadelphia for by American Philosophical Society (1916)
"The real point that I wish to make is that we should learn to think and act " continentally " on these great basic questions which affect so intimately the ..."

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