Definition of Continental plan

1. Noun. A hotel plan that provides a continental breakfast daily.

Exact synonyms: European Plan
Generic synonyms: Hotel Plan, Meal Plan

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Literary usage of Continental plan

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Chemical Trade Journal and Oil, Paint and Colour ReviewChemica (1898)
"The Glassmaker*' Society have plenty of funds, and as they have lots of unemployed members they might start a glass-house on the continental plan, ..."

2. Adventure Guide to Bermuda by Blair Howard (2004)
"CP (continental plan) provides a continental breakfast. EP (European Plan) denotes no set meal plan, although restaurant facilities are either on the ..."

3. A Dictionary of Architecture and Building, Biographical, Historical, and by Russell Sturgis (1901)
"In the European or continental plan the mail wagons generally enter the court to receive and deliver mail ; in England and the United States the mail bags ..."

4. St. Lucia by Don Philpott (2005)
"CP is continental plan which is bed and breakfast, and AP for American Plan, means room and all meals. Prices quoted by hotels are for rooms, whether one or ..."

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