Definition of Cyanides

1. Noun. (plural of cyanide) ¹

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Definition of Cyanides

1. cyanide [v] - See also: cyanide

Medical Definition of Cyanides

1. Inorganic salts of hydrogen cyanide containing the -cn radical. The concept also includes isocyanides. It is distinguished from nitriles, which denotes organic compounds containing the -cn radical. (12 Dec 1998)

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Literary usage of Cyanides

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Manual of Elementary Chemistry, Theoretical and Practical by George Fownes (1873)
"cyanides. — Closely related to these haloid compounds are the cyanides, formed by the union of metals with the group CN. cyanogen, which is a monatomic ..."

2. Elements of Chemistry: Theoretical and Practical by William Allen Miller (1880)
"The cyanides of the metals of the other alkalies and of the alkaline earths, when substituted for potassic cyanide, produce similar double cyanides. ..."

3. Commercial Organic Analysis: A Treatise on the Properties, Proximate by Alfred Henry Allen (1896)
"DOUBLE cyanides. As already stated, the cyanides of the heavy metals exhibit a ... Such stable double cyanides are not precipitated by alkalies or ..."

4. Elements of chemistry: theoretical and practical by William Allen Miller (1868)
"The cyanides of the alkali-metals are freely soluble in water. Many of the cyanides of the heavier metals are insoluble in water, but most of them are ..."

5. The Cyanide Handbook by John Edward Clennell (1915)
"Decomposes all cyanides at a higher or lower temperature, generally at 100° C. Boiling solutions of alkaline cyanides are converted into alkaline formates ..."

6. A Dictionary of Chemistry and the Allied Branches of Other Sciences by Henry Watts (1870)
"A few metals, potassium among the number, are converted into cyanides when heated in ... cyanides ure formed abundantly when nitrogenous organic compounds, ..."

7. Report of the Annual Meeting (1869)
"I have employed all the methods applied by Dr. Maxwell Simpson and others for the purification of cyanides, as well as other plans thought of by myself, ..."

8. Outlines of Industrial Chemistry: A Text-book for Students by Frank Hall Thorp, Warren Kendall Lewis (1916)
"Much energy and money have been expended in fruitless search for processes of cheap production of cyanides. In 1843 Langlois * showed that by passing ..."

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