Definition of Defectives

1. Noun. (plural of defective) ¹

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Definition of Defectives

1. defective [n] - See also: defective

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Literary usage of Defectives

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Preventive Medicine and Hygiene by Milton Joseph Rosenau, George Chandler Whipple, John William Trask, Thomas William Salmon (1916)
"Delaware, Connecticut, Indiana, New Jersey, and North Dakota have also passed laws for the purpose of preventing marriage among defectives. SEGREGATION. ..."

2. American Social Problems: An Introduction to the Study of Society by Henry Reed Burch, Samuel Howard Patterson (1919)
"Mental defectives i 1. The insane: a. Extent b. Causes c. Treatment 2. ... The future Physical defectives. — The census of 1900, as originally reported, ..."

3. The Rural Community, Ancient and Modern by Newell LeRoy Sims (1920)
"MENTAL defectives AMONG RURAL PEOPLE (Excerpts from "Mental defectives in Indiana; a Survey of Ten Counties") CHARACTER AND METHOD OF SURVEY Indiana does ..."

4. A History of Education in the United States by Edwin Grant Dexter (1904)
"CHAPTER XXIII THE EDUCATION OF defectives No system of public education is ... Yet there are three distinct classes of defectives, tolerated throughout all ..."

5. Feeble-mindedness: Its Causes and Consequences by Henry Herbert ( Goddard (1920)
"It will be seen that what we have said here is based upon the view that these mental defectives are cases of arrest of development and they are like normal ..."

6. The Constitution and Government of the State of New York: An Appraisal by New York (State). (1915)
"The delinquents have been provided for from the earliest times in state prisons and reformatories, but provision for defectives and dependents has been made ..."

7. Text-book of School and Class Management by Felix Arnold (1910)
"Moral defectives. Moral imbeciles and defectives should be treated much like ... The physiological treatment suggested for mental defectives should also be ..."

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