Definition of Distributively

1. Adverb. As individuals or as separate units (not collectively). "Taken distributively, their rights are imperceptible"

Partainyms: Distributive

2. Adverb. In a distributive manner. "Marine vertebrates have their weight supported distributively by the water"
Partainyms: Distributed

Definition of Distributively

1. adv. By distribution; singly; not collectively; in a distributive manner.

Definition of Distributively

1. Adverb. In a distributive manner ¹

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Definition of Distributively

1. [adv]

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Literary usage of Distributively

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Treatise on the Law of Trespass in the Twofold Aspect of the Wrong and the by Thomas Whitney Waterman (1875)
"When the verdict should be entered distributively. § 1117. ... The court directed the verdict to be entered distributively, for the plaintiff as to the ..."

2. Rose's Notes on the United States Supreme Court Reports (2 Dallas to 241 by Walter Malins Rose, Charles Lawrence Thompson, United States Supreme Court (1917)
"304, a marine policy on personal effects should be applied distributively, and a stipulation warranting free from all average does not exempt insurer merely ..."

3. An Analytical Digest of the Cases Published in the New Series of the Law by Francis Towers Streeten, Ewen Henry Cameron (1843)
"... strued distributively, viz. a son younger than a son, or a daughter younger than a daughter, that the estates were intended to shift only from sons to ..."

4. A New Law Dictionary and Glossary: Containing Full Definitions of the by Alexander Mansfield Burrill (1851)
"... things to separate persons, or separate words to separate subjects ; making distribution ; construing distributively. б Со. 1 b, Justice Windham's case. ..."

5. The elements of deductive logic by Thomas Fowler (1883)
"The same term may often be used in one place distributively and in another collectively, and we may argue as if the term in both places had the same meaning ..."

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