Definition of Economic rent

1. Noun. The return derived from cultivated land in excess of that derived from the poorest land cultivated under similar conditions.

Exact synonyms: Rent
Generic synonyms: Issue, Payoff, Proceeds, Return, Take, Takings, Yield

Definition of Economic rent

1. Noun. (economics) the amount of recompense paid to a factor of production on top of its transfer earnings; this does not encompass costs incurred during the process of production or service ¹

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Literary usage of Economic rent

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Principles of City Land Values by Richard Melancthon Hurd (1903)
"economic rent the basis of value.—Urban economic rent the residuum after payment of ... In cities, economic rent is based on • superiority of location only, ..."

2. Principles of Economics by Frank William Taussig (1921)
"How far ground rent is identical with economic rent, 91 — Sec. 5. ... Urban rent is sometimes deliberately created; is it then economic rent? 95. § 1. ..."

3. Principles of Political Economy by Joseph Shield Nicholson (1902)
"Other Forms of economic rent. Next to agricultural land, we may notice the ... Here the purely economic rent must be considered as the differential price ..."

4. Macmillan's Magazine by David Masson, John Morley, Mowbray Morris, George Grove (1875)
"By economic tenant-right I mean the value of the difference between the rent to be paid and the economic rent of the holding as it stands, or, ..."

5. Economics by Frank Wilson Blackmar (1907)
"And Marshall continues to say that "the economic rent of a piece of land is found by subtracting from the value of the annual produce an amount sufficient ..."

6. The Quarterly Journal of Economics by Harvard University (1888)
"consist in part of the economic rent of land. They are made up to a still greater degree of the economic rent of ability ; and they are completed by ..."

7. Elements of Political Economy by Joseph Shield Nicholson (1903)
"economic rent (pure) of agricultural land is generally mingled in practice with ... But for theoretical purposes we may assume that the economic rent may be ..."

8. The Economic Interpretation of History: (lectures Delivered in Worcester by James Edwin Thorold Rogers (1888)
"Hence you will observe that an economic rent might totally disappear, ... In an ideal state of plenty there would be no economic rent I say ideal, ..."

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