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1. [adv]

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edictally (current term)

Literary usage of Edictally

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Dictionary and Digest of the Law of Scotland, with Short Explanations of by William Bell, George Ross (1861)
"Parties may also be cited edictally ; that is, by a citation, formerly published at the market-cross of Edinburgh, and the pier and shore of Leith ; but now ..."

2. The Practice of the Sheriff Courts of Scotland in Civil Causes by John Dove Wilson (1883)
"It shall be competent to execute edictally any warrant of citation granted, or charge on an extracted decree pronounced by a Sheriff against any person ..."

3. The Scottish Jurist: Containing Reports of Cases Decided in the House of by House of Lords, Great Britain Parliament. House of Lords, Parliament, Great Britain (1857)
"That in each, year there were examined several bills lor letters of inhibition, which he had reason to suppose had actually been executed edictally. "2. ..."

4. Decisions of the Court of Session: From November 1825 to [20th July 1841] by Scotland Court of Session, F. Somerville, J. Tawse, John Craigie, George Robinson, Charles Gordon Robertson, Scotland High Court of Justiciary, Great Britain Parliament. House of Lords (1832)
"The action having fallen asleep, a process of wakening was raised against the defender, and executed against her, first edictally, and thereafter (10 June ..."

5. Service Out of the Jurisdiction by Francis Taylor Piggott (1892)
"It shall be competent to execute edictally any warrant of citation granted or charge on an extracted decree pronounced by a sheriff against any person furth ..."

6. The Revised Reports: Being a Republication of Such Cases in the English by Frederick Pollock, Robert Campbell, Oliver Augustus Saunders, Arthur Beresford Cane, Joseph Gerald Pease, William Bowstead, Great Britain Courts (1898)
"But it is the practice in Scotland to cite a party edictally, if he or she be [ *514 ] absent from the country above forty *days. The appellant having been ..."

7. The Practice of the Court of Session: On the Basis of the Late Mr. Darling's by Charles Farquhar Shand, James Johnston Darling (1848)
"On the other hand, if the father be cited specially, it is unnecessary to cite tutors and curators edictally; L. Lie v. Porteous, 17 July 1630, M. 2182. ..."

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