Definition of Exclusionary rule

1. Noun. A rule that provides that otherwise admissible evidence cannot be used in a criminal trial if it was the result of illegal police conduct.

Generic synonyms: Rule Of Evidence

Definition of Exclusionary rule

1. Noun. (US legal) A doctrine which requires that evidence obtained as the result of an illegal act on the part of law enforcement personnel (such as a warrantless search, or continued questioning a witness who has invoked the right of counsel) must therefore be excluded from being admitted as evidence in a trial. ¹

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Literary usage of Exclusionary rule

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Jury And The Search For Truth: Hearing Before the Committee on the Judiciary edited by Orrin G. Hatch (1998)
"The argument that the exclusionary rule imposes no meaningful punishment of the offending officer misperceives the deterrent effect of the exclusionary rule ..."

2. Rationale of Judicial Evidence, Specially Applied to English Practice by Jeremy Bentham (1827)
"Exceptions to the exclusionary rule in English law—Reasons of the exceptions, subversive of the general rule. WHAT has happened in this instance, and what, ..."

3. A Treatise on the System of Evidence in Trials at Common Law: Including the by John Henry Wigmore (1905)
"Such is the exhortation which the exclusionary rule never ceases to deliver to the people. Such is the lecture delivered by the judge, by every judge, ..."

4. The General Principles of the Law of Evidence with Their Application to the by Frank Sumner Rice (1892)
"202. The Principal as Stated in a Recent Case. 203. Non-professional Witnesses. a. exclusionary rule of Evidence. b. Review of the Authorities. 204. ..."

5. Nature, Extent, and Proliferation of Federal Law Enforcement: Hearing Before edited by Bill McCollum (1998)
"We heard during the Waco hearings comments about the exclusionary rule, ... And yet earlier this year we watered down the exclusionary rule and passed a ..."

6. Public Safety in the Nineties: The Attorney Generals Summit on Law (1991)
"Tuesday, March 5,1991 2:45 pm-4:00 pm Key provisions that address the death penalty, habeas corpus, and the exclusionary rule won House approval because of ..."

7. A Treatise on the Law of Marital Rights in Texas: Including Marriage by Ocie Speer (1916)
"The exclusionary rule does ... but in her individual right of ownership, the exclusionary rule has no application.1 The statute has no application where the ..."

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