Definition of Family Apodidae

1. Noun. Swifts; in former classifications included in the order Coraciiformes.

Exact synonyms: Apodidae
Generic synonyms: Bird Family
Group relationships: Apodiformes, Order Apodiformes
Member holonyms: Swift, Apus, Genus Apus, Chateura, Genus Chateura, Collocalia, Genus Collocalia

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Literary usage of Family Apodidae

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Proceedings of the Royal Society of Victoria by Royal Society of Victoria (1902)
"family Apodidae. Carapace broadly rounded in front, slightly vaulted and indented behind, with a distinct transverse cervical furrow defining the head ..."

2. Proceedingsby Zoological Society of London by Zoological Society of London (1852)
"Monograph of the family Apodidae, a Family of Crustaceans belonging to the Division Entomostraca ; with a Description of a New Species of Apus, ..."

3. The Apodida: A Morphological Study by Henry Meyners Bernard (1892)
"A Monograph of the family Apodidae. Proceedings of Zool. Soc., London, 1853. BARRANDE.—Systeme Silurien de la Boheme. Vol. I. and Suppt. BEDDARD. ..."

4. Bibliotheca Zoologica by Julius Victor Carus, Wilhelm Engelmann, Otto Taschenburg, Ernst Wolfgang Taschenberg (1861)
"... of the family Apodidae, a family of Crustaceans belonging lo the division Entomostraca ; \vith a description of a new species of Apus, and t«o species ..."

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