Definition of Family Veneridae

1. Noun. Hard-shell clams.

Exact synonyms: Veneridae
Generic synonyms: Mollusk Family
Group relationships: Myaceae, Order Myaceae
Member holonyms: Genus Venus, Venus, Genus Mercenaria, Mercenaria

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Literary usage of Family Veneridae

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Bulletins of American Paleontology by Cornell University, Paleontological Research Institution (1895)
"19021). New species of Pacific Coast shells. Nautilus, vol. 16, No. 4, pp. 43-44. 1902c. Synopsis of the family Veneridae and of the North American species. ..."

2. A Manual of the Common Invertebrate Animals: Exclusive of Insects by Henry Sherring Pratt (1916)
"... anterior end short and truncated; • See "Synopsis of the family Veneridae and of the North American Recent Species," by WH Dall, Proc. US Nat. ..."

3. Maryland Geological Survey by Maryland Geological Survey (1916)
"... Family VENERIDAE Genus DOSINIA Scopoli [Introd. ad Hist. Nat. 1777, p. 399] Type.—Dosinia africana Hanley. " Animal with a large arcuate foot and ..."

4. International Catalogue of Scientific Literature by Royal Society (Great Britain) (1904)
"Synopsis of the family Veneridae, and of the Norih American recent species [with bibliography]. Washington, DC, Smithsonian Inst.. "Nation. Mus.. Proc., 26. ..."

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