Definition of Fast reactor

1. Noun. Nuclear reactor in which nuclear fissions are caused by fast neutrons because little or no moderator is used.

Generic synonyms: Nuclear Reactor, Reactor
Antonyms: Thermal Reactor

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Literary usage of Fast reactor

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Nuclear Production Of Hydrogen: Second Information Exchange Meeting, Argonne by OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (2004)
"A fast reactor-Membrane Reformer (FR-MR) is composed of a nuclear plant and ... The nuclear plant is a sodium-cooled fast reactor with mixed oxide fuel and ..."

2. Basic Studies in the Field of High-Temperature Engineering: Third by Nuclear Energy Agency, Nihon Genshiryoku Kenkyūjo (2004)
"... Institute Mekelweg 15, 2629 JB, Delft, The Netherlands Abstract A study is undertaken to develop a fuel cycle for a gas-cooled fast reactor (GCFR). ..."

3. Utilisation and Reliability of High Power Proton Accelerators: Workshop by NEA Nuclear Science Committee (2001)
"On the other hand, a fast reactor was developed for breeding fuel, ... In some designs of the fast reactor with a heavy metal coolant such as Pb or Pb-Bi, ..."

4. 3-D Deterministic Radiation Transport Computer Programs: Features by OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (1997)
"The applicability of the method to general problems which may be encountered in fast reactor design calculations is also examined. ..."

5. Nuclear Production of Hydrogen: First Information Exchange Meeting, Paris by OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (2001)
"An aim of this paper is to describe the basic concept of the multi-purpose liquid metallic fuelled fast reactor system (MPFR). ..."

6. Workshop on Advanced Nuclear Reactor Safety Issues and Research Needs: Paris by International Atomic Energy Agency, OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (2002)
"... FOR fast reactor SYSTEMS JU Knebel Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe GmbH Institute for Nuclear and Energy Technologies (IKET) Eggenstein - Leopoldshafen, ..."

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