Definition of Fatalistic

1. Adjective. Of or relating to fatalism. "A fatalist person"

Exact synonyms: Fatalist
Partainyms: Fatalism, Fatalism
Derivative terms: Fatalist, Fatalism

Definition of Fatalistic

1. a. Implying, or partaking of the nature of, fatalism.

Definition of Fatalistic

1. Adjective. Of or pertaining to fatalism ¹

2. Adjective. submissive to fate ¹

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Definition of Fatalistic

1. [adj]

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Literary usage of Fatalistic

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Catholic Encyclopedia: An International Work of Reference on the by Charles George Herbermann, Edward Aloysius Pace, Condé Bénoist Pallen, Thomas Joseph Shahan, John Joseph Wynne (1913)
"'Ihis is especially true of judicial astrology, which, however, by its constant encouragement of fatalistic views unsettles the belief in a Divine ..."

2. American Poets and Their Theology by Augustus Hopkins Strong (1916)
"In thus vindicating Calvin, we charge Holmes with maintaining a fatalistic inheritance of physical evil, which deprives it of all moral quality, ..."

3. Psychologic Foundations of Education: An Attempt to Show the Genesis of the by William Torrey Harris (1898)
"Logical necessity is spoken of in (1); fatalistic necessity in (2) and (3); (2) and (3) cancel each other and leave (1) or (4). ..."

4. Socialism: Promise Or Menace? by Morris Hillquit, John Augustine Ryan (1914)
"Because of its a priori materialism the Socialist philosophy is fatalistic. As expounded by practically all its prominent advocates, it makes the economic ..."

5. Criminal Responsibility and Social Constraint by Ray Madding McConnell (1912)
"CHAPTER XFV DETERMINISM NOT ESSENTIALLY MATERIALISTIC OR fatalistic IT is sometimes said that determinism leads to materialism. But this is not correct. ..."

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