Definition of Fibre optic cable

1. Noun. A cable made of optical fibers that can transmit large amounts of information at the speed of light.

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Literary usage of Fibre optic cable

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Divided by Information?: The Digital Divide and the Use of the New Meritocracy by Perri 6, Ben Jupp (2001)
"Broadband capacity The rollout of national and ultimately global infrastructure of broadband capacity through fibre-optic cable or, failing that, ..."

2. Creating Knowledge Networksby Glenda Kruss by Glenda Kruss (2007)
"... a South African fibre optic cable manufacturer; • Corning, a US-based global optical fibre manufacturer which has part ownership of Aberdare; ..."

3. A New Economy?: The Changing Role of Innovation and Information Technology Organization For Economic Cooperat OECD by Organization For Economic Cooperat OECD (2000)
"For example, US inter-exchange carriers increased the amount of fibre optic cable, as measured by fibre miles, by 2I% in I998. The opening of local access ..."

4. Universal Service and Rate Restructuring in Telecommunications by OECD Staff (1991)
"The Swiss Telecommunications Administration has been installing digital switching equipment and fibre optic cable to support new digital services. ..."

5. Social Sciences and Innovation by OECD Staff, Oecd (2001)
"Currently, existing underground fibre optic cable networks are experiencing massive increases in their data-carrying capacities through the use of a ..."

6. Technical Digest edited by G. W. Day, D. L. Franzen, P. A. Williams (1999)
"... of industry sectors such as Internet and high-speed data has spurred service providers to push for new ways to expand their fibre-optic cable capacity. ..."

7. The Politics of Bandwidth: Network Innovation and Regulation in Broadband by James Wilsdon, Daniel Stedman Jones (2002)
"fibre optic cable Fibre allows for transmission speeds of 10 gigabites per second (Gbps), and is currently used in areas with a high density of demand for ..."

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