Definition of Field pea

1. Noun. Seed of the field pea plant.

2. Noun. Variety of pea plant native to the Mediterranean region and North Africa and widely grown especially for forage.

3. Noun. Coarse small-seeded pea often used as food when young and tender.

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Literary usage of Field pea

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Field Crops by Archie Dell Wilson, Clyde William Warburton (1912)
"Among the plants which are grown under field conditions for both seed and forage are the cowpea, soy bean, field pea, and peanut, while the field bean is ..."

2. International Medical and Surgical Surveyby American Institute of Medicine by American Institute of Medicine (1922)
"field pea meal, fed at the same protein level, enabled rats to grow at a practically ... The proteins of the field pea and those of the cooked cow-pea plus ..."

3. The Book of the Farm by Henry Stephens (1852)
"... the field pea always having a red-colored, and the garden pea almost always a while flower; al least the exceptions to this mark of distinction ..."

4. A Dictionary, Practical, Theoretical, and Historical, of Commerce and by John Ramsey McCulloch, Vethake, Henry (1852)
"It is not possible to frame any estimate of the consumption of peas. The field pea is now hardly ever manufactured into meal for the ..."

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