Definition of File server

1. Noun. (computer science) a digital computer that provides workstations on a network with controlled access to shared resources.

Specialized synonyms: Dedicated File Server, Non-dedicated File Server
Generic synonyms: Digital Computer
Category relationships: Computer Science, Computing

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Literary usage of File server

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Backup Book: Disaster Recovery from Desktop to Data Center by Dorian J. Cougias, E. L. Heiberger, Karsten Koop (2003)
"This is considered a many-to-one replication, because many databases can be consolidated onto a single file server for backup centralization. ..."

2. Network Security by David J. Stang (1991)
"Proprietary Disk Format NetWare uses a proprietary disk format on the file server, and most DOS utilities are thus unable to read or make sense of it. ..."

3. Guide to Understanding Trusted Recovery in Trusted Systems by Virgil D. Gligor (1991)
"Example 2—The Cambridge file server The Cambridge file server (CFS) actually implements failure-atomic updates of individual files [23]. ..."

4. Protecting Critical Information & Technology: Proceedings of the Fourth by DIANE Publishing Company (1997)
"Automatic encryption by a security product of data files stored on a workstation harddisk or file server harddisk unit. • Automatic encryption of E-Mail ..."

5. SAS(R) 9.1.3 Intelligence Platform:: Application Server Administration Guide by SAS Publishing (2006)
"Therefore, it's best to create a central deployment directory on a file server that is accessible from all of the grid nodes. ..."

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