Definition of Fill out

1. Verb. Write all the required information onto a form. "Make out a form"

2. Verb. Make bigger or better or more complete.
Exact synonyms: Round Out
Generic synonyms: Enrich

3. Verb. Supplement what is thought to be deficient. "Braque eked out his collages with charcoal"
Exact synonyms: Eke Out
Generic synonyms: Supplement

4. Verb. Line or stuff with soft material. "Pad a bra"
Exact synonyms: Pad
Generic synonyms: Stuff
Specialized synonyms: Rat
Derivative terms: Pad, Padding

5. Verb. Make fat or plump. "We will plump out that poor starving child"
Exact synonyms: Fat, Fatten, Fatten Out, Fatten Up, Flesh Out, Plump, Plump Out
Generic synonyms: Alter, Change, Modify
Entails: Feed, Give
Derivative terms: Fat, Fat

6. Verb. Become round, plump, or shapely. "The young woman is fleshing out"
Exact synonyms: Flesh Out, Round
Generic synonyms: Gain, Put On

Definition of Fill out

1. Verb. (transitive) : To complete a form or questionnaire with requested information. ¹

2. Verb. (intransitive) : To have one's physique expand with maturity or with surplus weight. ¹

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Literary usage of Fill out

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The American Journal of the Medical Sciences by Southern Society for Clinical Investigation (U.S.) (1880)
"... a history which makes them scarcely less malignant than the carcinoma ; we can scarcely hesitate to mentally fill out the roll of clinical sequences, ..."

2. Camera (1907)
"Many operators, to fill out the hollow side and make it appear the same as the other, resort to the use of a head screen and thus Hatten the entire lighting ..."

3. Narrative and Critical History of America by Justin Winsor (1889)
"... as the best study we can follow, to fill out SIR JOHN LUBBOCK* 1 Given in Popular Science Monthly, Dec., 1884, p. 152; and in the same periodical p. ..."

4. Public Papers of George Clinton, First Governor of New York, 1777-1795, 1801 by George Clinton, New York (State). Governor, 1801-1804 (George Clinton), Hugh Hastings, James Austin Holden, New York (State). State Historian (1900)
"Governor Clinton Requests Secretary of State Scott to fill out Military Commissions First. Poughkeepsie 16th April 1778. ..."

5. A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce (1916)
"fill out the place for me to wash, said Stephen. — Katey, fill out the place for Stephen to wash. — Booty, fill out the place for Stephen to wash. ..."

6. Criminal Justice & Community Response to Rape by Joel Epstein (1995)
"D STEP 1 PATIENT INFORMATION AND SEXUAL ASSAULT HISTORY FORM fill out all ... Seal the envelope and fill out all information requested on the envelope. ..."

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