Definition of Fire tree

1. Noun. A terrestrial evergreen shrub or small tree of western Australia having brilliant yellow-orange flowers; parasitic on roots of grasses.

Exact synonyms: Christmas Tree, Flame Tree, Nuytsia Floribunda
Group relationships: Genus Nuytsia, Nuytsia
Generic synonyms: Parasitic Plant

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Literary usage of Fire tree

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Austral English: A Dictionary of Australasian Words, Phrases, and Usages by Edward Ellis Morris (1898)
"Fire-tree, n, a tree of New Zealand; another name for Pohu- ... For Queensland Fire-tree, see Tulip-tree. Fireweed, n. a name given to several weeds, ..."

2. Quaint Corner of Ancient Empires: Southern India, Burma, and Manila by Michael Myers Shoemaker (1899)
"... Head- Hunters—The fire tree—Our Men in this Climate—Spain and the Hill Tribes—The ... fire tree ..."

3. Har-Moad: Or the Mountain of the Assembly : a Series of Archeological by Orlando Dana Miller, Stephen Munson Whipple (1891)
"In connection with the fire-tree, it will be most convenient to introduce here some remarks relative to the character Gi, signifying " flame, foundation, ..."

4. Yesterdays in the Philippines by Joseph Earle Stevens (1898)
"Visit of the Sagamore—Another Mountain Excursion—The Caves of Montalvan—A Hundred-mile View—A Village School—A " Fiesta " at Obando—The Manila Fire-tree—A ..."

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