Definition of Fire truck

1. Noun. Any of various large trucks that carry firemen and equipment to the site of a fire.

Exact synonyms: Fire Engine
Specialized synonyms: Aerial Ladder Truck, Ladder Truck
Generic synonyms: Motortruck, Truck

Definition of Fire truck

1. Noun. (firefighting) A ladder truck, a vehicle used by firefighters to gain access to the upper stories of a building. Typically, a fire truck has a hydraulic system which operates a large, heavy-duty ladder mounted on top of the truck body, space for portable ladders to be stored and compartments for holding other tools that may be needed. Unlike a fire engine, trucks do not have pumps or carry water. ¹

2. Noun. Any fire apparatus, such as a fire truck or fire engine. ¹

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Literary usage of Fire truck

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"The first motorized fire truck was a 1940 Plymouth pickup truck. ... Dinners were held and monies saved to buy a real fire truck and build a real Fire Hall. ..."

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