Definition of Fire watching

1. Noun. (during World War II in Britain) watching for fires started by bombs that dropped from the sky.

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Literary usage of Fire watching

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Comprehensive Method of Teaching Reading by Emma K. Gordon (1902)
"When I sit before the fire Watching flame, and smoke, and spark, Fairy folk I seem to see, Dancing in and out the dark. In the rushing of the fire, ..."

2. Tiger-shooting in the Doon and Ulwar: With Life in India by John Cookson Fife-Cookson (1887)
"... singular object—A large tiger—Strange appearance—A tiger stalking—Time to fire—Watching again— Change of place—Rain threatening—Unsafe tree—Tiger passes ..."

3. The Irish Penny Journal (1841)
"Shaven their crowns, and their garments grey ; Close they sat to that bogwood fire. Watching the wicket till break of day— Such was ever the rule at ..."

4. Wanderings in China by Constance Frederica Gordon Cumming (1900)
"From our high post we looked down on the awful sea of fire, watching it work onward,—stealing under roofs—lighting in a rain of fire on distant houses where ..."

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