Definition of Fishing gear

1. Noun. Gear used in fishing.

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Literary usage of Fishing gear

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. At Home in the Wilderness: Being Full Instructions how to Get Along, and to by John Keast Lord (1867)
"... Mosquito-bag—fishing gear—A good day's Sport. WHAT to wear is a matter of detail dependent, in a great measure, on the tastes of the individual. ..."

2. The Fisheries of the Adriatic and the Fish Thereof: A Report of the Austro by G. L. Faber (1883)
"The different modes of fishing are designated, as a rule, by the names the fishing gear; for instance, ..."

3. The Fisheries Exhibition Literature by London International Fisheries Exhibition (1884)
"It is well- known that fishing gear is never insured, and therefore in common ... fishing gear is included by ordinary underwriters in the valuation of a ..."

4. Conditions of Life in the Sea: A Short Account of Quantitative Marine by James Johnstone (1908)
"An adequate account of fishing gear has yet to be written, but at any rate we are concerned ... So I will notice only the principal types of fishing gear. ..."

5. The Voyage of Sabra: An Ecological Cruise Through the Caribbean, with Extras by Michael L. Frankel (1990)
"fishing gear may become lost accidentally due to gear failure caused by normal wear and tear, operational mistakes, and storms. Gear collisions in areas ..."

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