Definition of Fishing permit

1. Noun. A license authorizing the bearer to fish during a specified period of time.

Exact synonyms: Fishing Licence, Fishing License
Generic synonyms: Licence, License, Permit

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Literary usage of Fishing permit

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Advanced Guide Canada's Atlantic Provinces by Barbara Radcliffe Rogers, Stillman Rogers (2005)
"Fishing A one-day trout fishing permit for use in Terra Nova National ... Ice fishing is allowed on Big Pond and Dunphy's Pond, with a park fishing permit. ..."

2. Ireland Pocket Adventures by Tina Neylon (2007)
"There's a choice of activities available, including pony trekking, hill climbing and game fishing (permit needed). The site is on the B180, three miles (4.8 ..."

3. Adventure Guide to the Bahamas by Blair Howard (2002)
"... obtain a sport-fishing permit if using your own craft. A single-visit permit costs $20 and is available at your legal port of entry into the Bahamas. ..."

4. Adventure Guide Scandinavia by Henrik Berezin (2006)
"Fishing Sea fishing is most often free in Norway and Sweden if using a rod or line, but you are required to buy a fishing permit when fishing ..."

5. Sessional Papers by Canada Parliament (1891)
"The boats should take out a fishing permit, which I recommend should be furnished free of charge, and should have painted or put on in .some other ..."

6. Financial Support to Fisheries: Implications for Sustainable Development by Anthony Cox, Carl-Christian Michael Roedsted Schmidt (2006)
"Provision of funding The South East Fishery Working group recommended targeted financial assistance and fishing permit buyout of AUD 6.9 million, ..."

7. Ireland Adventure Guide by Tina Neylon (2004)
"Important Note: To fish the Bann you need a Coarse fishing permit from the owner, Bann System Limited, and also a Rod Licence issued by the Fisheries ..."

8. Why Fish Piracy Persists: The Economics of Illegal, Unreported, and by Emily Andrews-Chouicha, Kathleen Gray (2005)
"If a person provides false or misleading information under the Fisheries Act however, their fishing permit can be revoked. If a person is convicted more ..."

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