Definition of Fishing rig

1. Noun. Gear used in fishing.

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Literary usage of Fishing rig

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Windows for Sermons: A Study of the Art of Sermonic Illustration, Together by Louis Albert Banks (1902)
"He was rich, and so he got up the most remarkable fishing-rig that had ever gone into those woods. Such a fishing-suit the natives never had seen. ..."

2. Sessional Papers by Canada Parliament (1895)
"I caught about $-iOO worth offish in 1892, and I got 3£ cents a pound, but with the same fishing rig I got much less in 1893. ..."

3. The Call of the Surf by Van Campen Heilner, Frank Stick (1920)
"With the regular fishing rig and baited hook a cast of half this distance is more than sufficient, and farther by several feet than the average surf man ..."

4. Be a Good Boy: Good-bye, and Other Back Home Poems by John Lincoln Shroy (1906)
"... Tells us that spring has come;— It seems to me that I must dig Some worms without delay, And with old clothes and fishing rig, Go down to old Pequea. ..."

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