Definition of Floor lamp

1. Noun. A lamp that stands on the floor.

Generic synonyms: Lamp

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Literary usage of Floor lamp

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Lighting the Home by Matthew Luckiesh (1920)
"The ordinary floor-lamp which supplies only a direct component is about sixty ... A miniature floor-lamp fifty inches in height (Figure 30) will be found ..."

2. Artificial Light: Its Influence Upon Civilization by Matthew Luckiesh (1920)
"A floor lamp may also be tested very easily. =" A miniature floor lamp about four feet in height with an appropriate shade provides an excellent lamp for ..."

3. American Electricians' Handbook: A Reference Book for Practical Electrical by Terrell Croft (1921)
"By the use of some form of floor lamp (P'ig. 46) which may be readily moved to any desired position, the shadows can be readily ..."

4. The Lighting Art: Its Practice and Possibilities by Matthew Luckiesh (1917)
"... holding music near a floor lamp at about the position which it will occupy under actual conditions. A small percentage of decorative portable lamps are ..."

5. Experimental Electrical Engineering and Manual for Electrical Testing for by Vladimir Karapetoff (1911)
"... could be obtained, for instance, upon a book at the point under consideration, if held in the most advantageous Ceiling l.aln] Floor \ Lamp FIG. 533. ..."

6. The New Interior, Modern Decorations for the Modern Home by Hazel Hyman Adler (1916)
"A standard or floor lamp placed behind, or at the side of the reading chair is a practical arrangement which can be made very effective when the color of ..."

7. Illuminating Engineering Practice: Lectures on Illuminating Engineering by University of Pennsylvania, Illuminating Engineering Society (1917)
"This is best accomplished by means of a portable floor lamp equipped similarly to the reading lamp as previously described, supplied with energy from floor ..."

8. Light's Labour's Lost: Policies for Energy-Efficient Lighting by Paul Waide, International Energy Agency, Satoshi Tanishima (2006)
"... but even here it is possible in principle to design minimum requirements for specific categories of luminaire (table lamp, floor lamp, pendant lamp, ..."

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