Definition of Floor leader

1. Noun. The legislator who organizes his party's strategy.

Generic synonyms: Legislator

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Literary usage of Floor leader

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The New American Government and Its Work by James Thomas Young (1915)
"This is the second function of the floor leader,—to marshal the forces of his ... The majority floor leader confers with the minority leader and a verbal ..."

2. Procedure in State Legislatures by Harold Willis Dodds (1918)
"Indeed, many legislatures do not recognize a floor leader other than informally. The chairman of a prom- 21 Report of Committee of Citizens' Union, ..."

3. The Leadership of Congress: By George Rothwell Brown by George Rothwell Brown (1922)
"Mr. Mondell owed his position as floor leader to the Steering Committee, ... A member of no committee of the House, as floor leader he was able to devote ..."

4. Law Making in America: The Story of the 1911-12 Session of the Sixty-second by Lynn Haines (1912)
"The chief exponent of this caucus, under the present system, is the floor leader. The floor leader is also the chief figure in the caucus. ..."

5. The National Government of the United States by Everett Kimball (1920)
"Underwood Effect of change The floor leader of the minority fortunate in the choice of their floor leader, Oscar W. Underwood. He had been a member of the ..."

6. Legislative Procedure: Parliamentary Practices and the Course of Business in by Robert Luce (1922)
"... may come to life, but the powers once centered in the Chair will naturally focus in the floor leader. Were the House to be led from the floor, ..."

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