Definition of Fly contact

1. Verb. Fly a plane by using visible landmarks or points of reference.

Category relationships: Air, Air Travel, Aviation
Generic synonyms: Aviate, Fly, Pilot

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Literary usage of Fly contact

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Handbook of Nature-study for Teachers and Parents, Based on the Cornell by Anna Botsford Comstock (1911)
"At the sides A caddis-fly. contact with the blood, and which ex- of the abdomen, and apparently between the segments, are little tassels of short, ..."

2. Planned Invasion of Japan, 1945: The Siberian Weather Advantage by Hatten Schuyler Yoder (1997)
"Planes were expected to fly contact; that is, navigation was to be done by direct observation of landmarks ..."

3. Outdoor Philosophy: The Meditations of a Naturalist by Stanton Davis Kirkham (1912)
"Once the agile trout takes the fly, contact with him through the slender rod and delicate line and leader is even more subtle than through the reins, ..."

4. The Power of Womanhood, Or, Mothers and Sons: A Book for Parents and Those by Ellice Hopkins (1899)
"To look down on the material pleasures with suspicion, to fly contact with the rude world and lose one's self in the unembodied splendors of the spiritual, ..."

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