Definition of Fly rod

1. Noun. A long flexible fishing rod used in fly fishing.

Generic synonyms: Fishing Pole, Fishing Rod

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Literary usage of Fly rod

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Complete Angler by Izaak Walton, Charles Cotton, Edward Fitzgibbon (1854)
"A first- rate trout fly-rod cannot be bought for less than a guinea and a half. The grilse fly-rod should be sixteen feet in length, the salmon rod eighteen ..."

2. The Encyclopaedia of Sport by Henry Charles Howard Suffolk, Hedley Peek, Frederick George Aflalo (1897)
"Any good Trout fly-rod of about this description will answer. ... It is somewhat suffer than a Trout fly-rod, but pliable enough for all the emergencies of ..."

3. The Sportsman's Gazetteer and General Guide: The Game Animals, Birds and by Charles Hallock (1878)
"As for the bass fly rod " (the Doctor again), it " should be constructed upon the model and of the same material as a single- handed trout fly rod. ..."

4. Book of the Black Bass, Comprising Its Complete Scientific and Life History by James Alexander Henshall (1881)
"I have an HL Leonard split bamboo fly-rod, weighing eight ounces, which I find " fills the bill" exactly in all ordinary Black Bass fly-fishing; but, ..."

5. Fishing in American Waters by Genio C. Scott (1875)
"A fly rod should not be under twelve feet in length, and I had rather have it six inches over, or so made with duplicate top and third joints as to make it ..."

6. Frank Forester's Fish and Fishing of the United States and British Provinces by Henry William Herbert (1851)
"Every fly-rod should have it. In case a new cast of flies is required, ... There should be no perceptible spring in a fly-rod before three and a half feet ..."

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