Definition of Genus Lachnolaimus

1. Noun. A genus of Labridae.

Exact synonyms: Lachnolaimus
Generic synonyms: Fish Genus
Group relationships: Family Labridae, Labridae

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Literary usage of Genus Lachnolaimus

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Reports of the North Carolina Geological and Economic Survey (1907)
"pounds, all in Carteret County. The average price received by the fishermen is 2 cents a pound. Genus LACHNOLAIMUS Cuvier & Valenciennes. Hog-fishes. ..."

2. Catalogue of the Fishes in the British Museum by Albert Carl Ludwig Gotthilf Günther (1862)
"... he must attribute the same character to the genus Lachnolaimus, placed by him along with Labrus, which has these teeth "non pavimentati," although ..."

3. American Food and Game Fishes: A Popular Account of All the Species Found in by David Starr Jordan, Barton Warren Evermann (1902)
"The genus Lachnolaimus is characterized by the strongly compressed body, the sharp, elevated back, and the long, steep profile; snout sharp; mouth low, ..."

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