Definition of Genus Potamogeton

1. Noun. A large genus of aquatic herbs found in quiet waters in temperate regions; leaves usually float on the water.

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Literary usage of Genus Potamogeton

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Observations of a Naturalist in the Pacific Between 1896 and 1899 by Henry Brougham Guppy (1906)
"... species settling down and " differentiating" in particular localities or regions, and forming subcentres for the distribution of the genus. Potamogeton ..."

2. The Natural History of Plants: Their Forms, Growth, Reproduction, and by Francis Wall Oliver, Anton Kerner von Marilaun, Marian (Balfour) Busk (1895)
"This is the case, for example, in various species of the Pondweed genus (Potamogeton), in the Arrow-grass (Triglochin), and the Sea- Buckthorn (Hippophae). ..."

3. Biographical Memoirs by National Academy of Sciences (U.S.) (1895)
"Observations on American species of the genus Potamogeton, Linn. Am. Jour. Sci. ,l- Arts. VII, NS, 347-360. 1849. Lichens in TG Lea's Catalogue of Plants, ..."

4. A History of the Game Birds, Wild-fowl and Shore Birds of Massachusetts and by Edward Howe Forbush, Willey Ingraham Beecroft, Herbert Keightley Job, Massachusetts State Board of Agriculture (1912)
"There are no less than thirty-eight species of pondweeds of the genus Potamogeton in the United States, of which at least nine (see Fig. ..."

5. The Life and Writings of Rafinesque: Prepared for the Filson Club and Read by Richard Ellsworth Call (1895)
"North American species of the genus Potamogeton. (In Medical Repository, 3d Hexade, Vol. II, pp. 407-409. New York, 1811. A letter to Dr. Mitchill, ..."

6. Rafinesque: A Sketch of His Life, with Bibliography by T. J. Fitzpatrick (1911)
"North American species of the genus Potamogeton. The Medical Repository, third hexade, vol. n, no. iv, pp. 407-409, New York, February, March, and April, ..."

7. The American Naturalist by American Society of Naturalists, Essex Institute (1881)
"Several new species of the genus Potamogeton were described by Thomas Morong, in the May Botanical Gazette. The new species are P. Illinoensis, P. Mysticus, ..."

8. Glimpses of the Cosmos by Lester Frank Ward (1913)
"The genus Potamogeton numbers 23 in Mr. Robinson's Catalogue, and the genus Scirpus 14, while several others probably exceed ten. ..."

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