Definition of Genus physeter

1. Noun. Type genus of the Physeteridae.

Exact synonyms: Physeter
Generic synonyms: Mammal Genus
Group relationships: Family Physeteridae, Physeteridae
Member holonyms: Black Whale, Cachalot, Physeter Catodon, Sperm Whale

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Literary usage of Genus physeter

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The American Naturalist by American Society of Naturalists, Essex Institute (1871)
"... genus Physeter is to be kept in abeyance until the discovery of ... The factitious genus Physeter ..."

2. The English Cyclopaedia by Charles Knight (1866)
"Physeter, Linn, (the true Cachalots) ; with the sub- genus Physeter, Lace"p. (Cachalots with a dorsal fin). 2. ..."

3. Manual of Geology: Treating of the Principles of the Science with Special by James Dwight Dana (1894)
"... others having similar teeth, but only in the upper jaw, as in the genus Physeter, or that including the Sperm Whale; others with teeth in neither jaw, ..."

4. Catalogue of the Fossil Mammalia in the British Museum, (Natural History) by Richard Lydekker (1887)
"Genus PHYSETER, Linn.1 There are from twenty to twenty-five mandibular teeth, which have no enamel ; the mandible is very long and narrow, the sym- physis ..."

5. Bibliographia Zoologiæ Et Geologiæ: A General Catalogue of All Books, Tracts by Louis Agassiz (1850)
"On the occurrence of the genus Physeter (or Sperm Whale) in the Red Crag of Felixstow.—Journ. Geol. Soc. I. p. 40. ..."

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