Definition of Ground cloth

1. Noun. A waterproofed piece of cloth spread on the ground (as under a tent) to protect from moisture.

Exact synonyms: Groundsheet
Generic synonyms: Piece Of Cloth, Piece Of Material

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Literary usage of Ground cloth

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Cotton Fabrics Glossary by Frank P. Bennett, & Co (1914)
"... namely that of the ground cloth, but there are an increasing number of fabrics which importers are showing to-day, where flp:ures are introduced of one ..."

2. Spherical Ballooning, Some of the Requirements by Paul James McCullough (1917)
"Ground Place one corner of ground cloth about five Cloth feet from end of gas supply pipe in such position that pipe points diagonally across center of ..."

3. Textbook of Naval Aeronautics by Henry Woodhouse (1917)
"Spread out the ground cloth on a leeward side of the pulley with the ... Unroll the balloon, starting one foot from the pulley end of the ground cloth. ..."

4. The Roswell Report: Fact Vs. Fiction in the New Mexico Desert by Richard L. Weaver (1997)
"For this reason a clean ground cloth of canvas should always be used for the ... Once the balloon has been laid out on the ground cloth, it is made ready ..."

5. The Type "M" Kite Balloon Handbook by Bureau of Construction and Repair, Navy Dept, United States (1919)
"ground cloth. Select a position for the ground cloth which is free from low ... Spread out the ground cloth, care being taken to see that it is free from ..."

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