Definition of Ground effect

1. Noun. Apparent increase in aerodynamic lift experienced by an aircraft flying close to the ground.

Generic synonyms: Aerodynamic Lift, Lift

Definition of Ground effect

1. Noun. (aeronautics) A generic term describing any aerodynamic effects occurring due to a vehicle's body or appendages moving in close proximity to the ground. ¹

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Literary usage of Ground effect

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Marines & Helicopters, 1962-1973 by William R. Fails (1995)
"Another unique characteristic of a helicopter is termed ground effect. ... ground effect, however, is present only under specific conditions. ..."

2. The Scots Digest of Scots Appeals in the House of Lords from 1707 and of the by Robert Candlish Henderson, Great Britain Parliament. House of Lords (1908)
"Preference — Poinding of the Ground — Effect of Sequestration. — An heritable creditor who has obtained decree of poinding of the ground prior to ..."

3. The Military Dictionary (1987)
"See also air interception. ground effect machine—(NA TO) A machine which normally flies within the zone of the ground effect or ground cushion. ground ..."

4. Roadside Noise Abatement by OECD Staff (1995)
"... of sound energy in propagation, limitations on the reliability of methods mainly affect the assessment of sound energy losses due to the ground effect ..."

5. Basic Helicopter Handbook by Diane Publishing Company (1995)
"ground effect.—-When a helicopter is operated near the surface, ... ground effect results when the rotor downwash field is altered from its free air state ..."

6. World Directory of Aerospace Vehicle Research and Development (1991)
"jre V.26: ground effect Test on )us A320 Model in Test Section of the ERA S1 MA Wind Tunnel Transonic Wind Tunnel ONERA SIMA Wind Tunnel Source: ONERA Page ..."

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