Definition of Ground fire

1. Noun. A forest fire that burns the humus; may not appear on the surface.

Generic synonyms: Forest Fire

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Literary usage of Ground fire

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Practice of Silviculture: With Particular Reference to Its Application by Ralph Chipman Hawley (1921)
"Such fires are sometimes termed " duff" fires.9 When the surface is wet by a light shower, but the duff beneath is dry, a ground fire may burn the lower ..."

2. Forestry in New England: A Handbook of Eastern Forest Management by Ralph Chipman Hawley, Austin Foster Hawes (1912)
"Practically the only way to stop a ground fire is to dig through the duff down to mineral soil, and as almost all surface fires here are apt to be ..."

3. Elements of Forestry by Nelson Courtlandt Brown, Frederick Franklin Moon (1914)
"The ground fire burns along * in the grass, leaves or litter on the forest floor, or it may burn in the thick duff. In the last-named case it may burn very ..."

4. Fire Insurance Inspection & Underwriting by Charles Carroll Dominge, W. O. Lincoln (1920)
"There are. three kinds of forest fires—the "surface fire," which merely runs in the leaves and ground litter; the "ground fire," that covers the underbrush ..."

5. The Protection of Woodlands Against Dangers Arising from Organic and by G. Kauschinger, Hermann Heinrich von Fürst (1893)
"By far the most frequent form of forest-fire is the ground-fire, ... When a ground-fire finds sufficient food on the soil it develops in intensity and power ..."

6. The Book of Forestry by Frederick Franklin Moon (1916)
"Many a woodlot which has been swept by a severe ground fire may, four or five years later exhibit a very large number of trees affected with fungus diseases ..."

7. The Forester: A Practical Treatise on British Forestry and Arboriculture for by John Nisbet (1905)
"Owing to its smooth thin bark, even a slight ground-fire injures it The ... When the foliage in old woods looks sickly and unhealthy after a ground-fire, ..."

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