Definition of Have words

1. Verb. Censure severely or angrily. "Sam cannot have words Sue "; "The customer dressed down the waiter for bringing cold soup"

Definition of Have words

1. Verb. (idiomatic of two or more parties) To argue, to have an argument. ¹

2. Verb. (idiomatic of one party followed by ''with'') To speak sternly, angrily, or in an argumentative manner to. ¹

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Literary usage of Have words

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Knickerbocker: Or, New-York Monthly Magazine by Charles Fenno Hoffman, Timothy Flint, Lewis Gaylord Clark, Kinahan Cornwallis, John Holmes Agnew (1858)
"... of thought;' and suggests that ' Infants have thoughts before they have words, and so have the deaf and dumb.' But if under the term 'words' signs, ..."

2. An Analytical Digested Index to the Common Law Reports: From the Time of by Thomas Coventry, Samuel Hughes (1832)
"If a statute have words prohibitory, as well as a penalty annexed, a prohibition will lie; secus, if it have only a penalty. Janet v. Jones, Hob 187. XXI. ..."

3. The reasonableness and certainty of the Christian religion by Robert Jenkin (1708)
"... we will but allow for the incompetency of our own Faculties to have Words and Notions adequate to the ..."

4. The Wesleyan-Methodist Magazine (1870)
"Onoe more, one language will have words which utter in their own brief compass what it takes two ..."

5. Scientific Papers and Addresses by George Rolleston, Edward Burnett Tylor (1884)
"14, is to the effect that the Tatars, by which word he means presumably Turkic and Tungusic tribes in the neighbourhood of the Lake Baikal, have words of ..."

6. Romano Lavo-lil: Word-book of the Romany; Or, English Gypsy Language by George Henry Borrow (1905)
"They have words for the sun and the moon, but they have no word for the stars, ... They have words for black, white, and red, but none for the less positive ..."

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