Definition of High up

1. Adverb. At a great altitude. "He climbed high on the ladder"

Exact synonyms: High

Definition of High up

1. Adverb. In a high or elevated position. ¹

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Literary usage of High up

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Sons and Lovers by David Herbert Lawrence (1922)
"It was blowing so hard, high up there in the exp place, that the only way to be safe was to stand ni by the wind to the wall of the tower. ..."

2. The Iliad of Homer by Homer, John Graham Cordery (1871)
"Till, when the broad Achaian camp was gain'd, On the mainland they haul'd the galley clear, 570 high up the sands, and stretch'd long props beneath ..."

3. The Rebellion Record: A Diary of American Events by Frank Moore, Edward Everett (1868)
"Soon after we came to the " Wren" (so- called as a coast-survey signal-station), a fine Virginia residence, situated high up on the green sloping bank of ..."

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