Definition of Hold open

1. Verb. Retain rights to. "Keep open the possibility of a merger"

Exact synonyms: Keep, Keep Open, Save
Related verbs: Hold On, Keep
Generic synonyms: Book, Hold, Reserve

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Literary usage of Hold open

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Writing of Today: Models of Journalistic Prose by John William Cunliffe, Gerhard Richard Lomer (1922)
"Rush every line you can get. sinking off Newfoundland, ' he said briefly We will hold open for ... hold open ..."

2. Rogers on Elections by Francis James Newman Rogers, Maurice Powell, Samuel Henry Day (1897)
"E. BB. appointed to counties are to make circuits and Revision in hold open courts at all polling-places (or at such only as colm M' the County Council (i) ..."

3. American School Building Standards by Wilbur Thoburn Mills (1915)
"Vestibule doors open out, heavy butts, pulls, push plates, hooks to hold open, door checks, no locks. Outer doors to basement open out, and fitted with ..."

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