Definition of Hold over

1. Verb. Intimidate somebody (with a threat). "She was holding it over him"

Generic synonyms: Intimidate

2. Verb. Hold over goods to be sold for the next season.
Exact synonyms: Carry Over
Generic synonyms: Hold On, Keep

3. Verb. Keep in a position or state from an earlier period of time.
Generic synonyms: Hold, Keep, Maintain
Derivative terms: Holdover

4. Verb. Continue a term of office past the normal period of time.
Generic synonyms: Continue, Remain, Stay, Stay On
Derivative terms: Holdover

5. Verb. Hold back to a later time. "Let's postpone the exam"

Definition of Hold over

1. Noun. something left from an earlier time ¹

2. Verb. (idiomatic) to save, delay ¹

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Literary usage of Hold over

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Diary of Gideon Welles, Secretary of the Navy Under Lincoln and Johnson by Gideon Welles (1911)
"... ad interim — The Question of the Tenure of the Four Hold-over Members of the Cabinet — The House votes to impeach the President — Conversation with John ..."

2. A Treatise on the Law of Public Offices and Officers by Floyd Russell Mechem (1890)
"Officer who has held for full constitutional Period can not hold over.—But notwithstanding a general provision that the incumbent of an office shall hold ..."

3. A General Abridgment of Law and Equity: Alphabetically Digested Under Proper by Charles Viner (1793)
"... cafes where fuch tenant by tenant may hold over his term of the extent ; as if the * anuj'sr bis afilan far the profits. 7 H. 7. 12. b. ..."

4. A Treatise on the Law of Mortgages by John Joseph Powell, Thomas Coventry (1826)
"And the Lord Keeper declared his opinion to be, that she had, paying her portion of the mortgage money, and to hold over for the ..."

5. The Civil Service and the Patronage by Carl Russell Fish (1904)
"... place . . . .46 State officers not appointed to any customs place ij New offices, or no data 75 APPENDIX B. NUMBERS OF HOLD-OVER OFFICIALS (1801-1897). ..."

6. A Treatise on the Law of Private Corporations Aggregate by Joseph Kinnicut Angell, Samuel Ames (1846)
"Municipal corporations have been held to be dissolved by omitting to elect their chief officer on the charter day, where he has no right to hold over, ..."

7. Commentaries on the Law of Municipal Corporations by John Forrest Dillon (1911)
"But whether a provision merely that an officer shall "be annually elected on a particular day " is an implied restriction that he shall not hold over, ..."

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