Definition of Hold sway

1. Verb. Be master; reign or rule.

Generic synonyms: Command, Control

Definition of Hold sway

1. Verb. (idiomatic) Be pre-eminent; have the greatest influence (over someone or something); dominate. ¹

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Literary usage of Hold sway

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Easy Star Lessons by Richard Anthony Proctor (1882)
"Libra, which by rights should hold sway as the southern zodiacal constellation one month out of the twelve, has passed the south at the time shown in the ..."

2. Aristotle and the Earlier Peripatetics by Eduard Zeller (1897)
"... Aristotle differs from Plato 3 in concluding that it is better that good laws hold sway, and that magistrates be left to the freedom of their own will ..."

3. The Gospel of Osiris: Being an Epic Canto and Paraphrase of Ancient Fragments by William Norman Guthrie (1916)
"Do I hold sway In his stead, Upon his throne, And it sufficeth not? Without violence I exercise authority, And men are glad thereof; For rule I not them ..."

4. The Social Teachings of the Prophets and Jesus by Charles Foster Kent (1917)
"But the olive-tree said to them, "Shall I leave off my fatness, with which by me gods and man are honoured, and go to hold sway over the trees? ..."

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