Definition of Horse gentian

1. Noun. Coarse weedy American perennial herb with large usually perfoliate leaves and purple or dull red flowers.

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Literary usage of Horse gentian

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Flora of Pennsylvania by Thomas Conrad Porter (1903)
"horse gentian. (Man. p. 873.) In rich soil, NY to Minn., Ala., Ky. and Kans.—Pennsylvania : NORTHAMPTON ; BUCKS ; DELAWARE ; CHESTER ; LANCASTER ; FRANK- UN ..."

2. A Manual of Weeds: With Descriptions of All the Most Pernicious and by Ada Eljiva Georgia (1914)
"Follow grain with a crop requiring frequent and late-continued hoe-culture. horse gentian ... horse gentian petioles. Mowers axillary, sessile, .'. ..."

3. Second Report of a Geological Reconnoissance of the Middle and Southern by Richard Owen (1860)
"horse gentian. T. perfoliatum, L.,* . " . Limestone, . Prairies and rocky banks. ... The root of the Feverwort or Horse-Gentian is also purgative, ..."

4. A Preliminary Catalogue of the Flora of New Jersey by Nathaniel Lord Britton (1881)
"FEVER-WORT. HORSE-GENTIAN. T. perfoliatum, L. Horse-gentian. Frequent in the northern and middle counties ; rare on the Yellow Drift. Sambucus, Tourn ELDER. ..."

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