Definition of Military uniform

1. Noun. Prescribed identifying uniform for soldiers.

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Literary usage of Military uniform

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Bulletin of the New York Public Library by New York Public Library (1899)
"Bust; directed to the front, facing and looking slightly to the left; military uniform; ruffles; left hand raised and touching his face. ..."

2. The Russian Army and the Japanese War: Being Historical and Critical by Alekseĭ Nikolaevich Kuropatkin (1909)
"In the first of these two particulars we have succeeded, for in Russia the military uniform has been particularly honoured for years; but we have by no ..."

3. Empires of the Far East: A Study of Japan and of Her Colonial Possessions by Lancelot Lawton (1912)
"But apart from this, if the military uniform had been made to attract the best and the most energetic men of the nation, unquestionably, from a people ..."

4. Memoirs of the Princess Daschkaw: Lady of Honour to Catherine II, Empress of by Ekaterina Romanovna Dashkova, Martha Wilmot (1840)
"... and the princess in military uniform—A female senator—Precautionary cares of the princess—The troops reviewed—Return of the empress to Peterhoff. ..."

5. Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte, the Court of the First Empire by Claude-François Méneval (1910)
"... one was accustomed to see him always dressed in military uniform. However it may be, the Emperor only once wore the costume which Princess Pauline had ..."

6. Bulletin of the New York Public Library by New York Public Library (1898)
"Three-quarters length, standing, directed to front, facing and looking to right, military uniform, left hand on hip, right hand pointing towards houses in ..."

7. Sketches of the Domestic Manners, and Institutions, of the Romans (1823)
"military uniform. THE original dress of the Romans, of both sexes, was the toga. It was a round and ample robe, open in front to the waist, but closed at ..."

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