Definition of Military unit

1. Noun. A unit that is part of some military service. "He sent Caesar a force of six thousand men"

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Literary usage of Military unit

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Chinese Views of Future Warfare by Michael Pillsbury (1997)
"Firepower and Destruction Intensity Once an information-intensified military unit discovers the enemy disposition, it can make a judgment within a very ..."

2. Policing the New World Disorder: Peace Operations and Public Security by Robert B. Oakley, Michael J. Dziedzic, Eliot M. Goldberg (1998)
"A military unit strives to have personnel in its organization who possess required expert knowledge for solving all imaginable tasks. ..."

3. Japanese Intervention in the Russian Far East by Dalʹnevostochnai︠a︡ Respublika (1922)
"(b) The Second Northern (Khabarovsk) military unit starts out simultaneously with the First Unit in the direction of Anuchino-Iman, where it joins the units ..."

4. Protecting Children in Military Families: A Cooperative Response by Ralph Blanchard (1992)
"... has on the military unit's readiness. They have recognized that it is beneficial to provide support to Service men and women and their family members. ..."

5. The North American Review by Edward Everett, James Russell Lowell, Henry Cabot Lodge (1891)
"The military unit in Germany, in France, in the United States—we know what may come of ... Some of the possibilities of this military unit, as we saw it, ..."

6. Accounting for Pow/Mias from the Korean War and the Vietnam War: Hearing edited by Robert K. Dornan (1998)
"Can you identify, General, for this committee, the specific Czech military unit that had responsibility for oversight of these prisoners? General SEJNA. ..."

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