Definition of Mopboard

1. Noun. A molding covering the joint formed by a wall and the floor.

Exact synonyms: Baseboard, Skirting Board
Generic synonyms: Molding, Moulding

Definition of Mopboard

1. n. A narrow board nailed against the wall of a room next to the floor; skirting board; baseboard. See Baseboard.

Definition of Mopboard

1. Noun. A skirting board (to protect a wall from wet mops) ¹

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Definition of Mopboard

1. a board at the base of a wall [n -S]

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Literary usage of Mopboard

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Electric Car Maintenance: Selected from the Electric Railway Journal by Walter Jackson (1914)
"This includes all of the interior down to the mopboard and all of the ... The mopboard is cleaned by the use of a cleaning soap which is diluted in water. ..."

2. The Lock and Key Library: The Most Interesting Stories of All Nations edited by Julian Hawthorne (1909)
"If you do not find it there, examine the base or mopboard. ... There is a corresponding opening in the mopboard in the next room, although no attempt is ..."

3. Science and Industry (1899)
"The board may be held hi a horizontal position by resting the lower end of the stick on the mopboard, as at d, or may be adjusted lower by resting the lower ..."

4. The Physical Phenomena of Spiritualism: Being a Brief Account of the Most by Hereward Carrington (1920)
"There is a corresponding opening in the mopboard in the next room, ... It is not a very desirable trap, for the mopboard is scarcely ever wide enough to ..."

5. The Journal of Home Economics by American Home Economics Association (1915)
"It was the institution which started the use of bare floors with rugs, and brought about the use of the concave joining of mopboard and floor and the ..."

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