Definition of Mother figure

1. Noun. A woman who evokes the feelings usually reserved for a mother.

Generic synonyms: Adult Female, Woman

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Literary usage of Mother figure

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Fertility, Family Planning, and Women's Health: New Data From the 1995 by Joyce C. Abma, A. Chandra, W. Mosher, L. Peterson (1998)
"This category is labeled "no mother-figure identified" in the tables. An additional 4.3 percent of interviewed women had missing data on mother's education, ..."

2. Twist & Build: Creating Non-orthogonal Architecture by Karel Vollers (2001)
"Historian Erich Neumann wrote the following about Henri Moore's work: While the similarity of the Creat mother figure to the neolithic figures from France ..."

3. Archaeology of Houses and Households in Ancient Crete by Kevin Glowacki, Natalia Vogeikoff-Brogan (2008)
"... excludes the Roman child from contact with a mortal mother figure. ... Venus is therefore the mother figure present as a subtext in our Aeneas painting. ..."

4. The Monthly Review by Charles William Wason (1831)
"Jacqueline gazed at her mother's figure as it passed away, as lightly as though innocence and youth impelled it. She would not trust herself to follow up in ..."

5. The American Amateur Photographer (1902)
"... the different planes of the perspectives describes a well-defined zig-zag across the picture. First from the bending figure to the mother's figure, ..."

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