Definition of Mother hen

1. Noun. A person who cares for the needs of others (especially in an overprotective or interfering way).

Generic synonyms: Individual, Mortal, Person, Somebody, Someone, Soul

2. Noun. A hen with chicks.
Generic synonyms: Biddy, Hen

Definition of Mother hen

1. Noun. (literally) A female chicken who bears eggs or chicks. ¹

2. Noun. (idiomatic) An outspoken and overprotective woman dealing with others' affairs. ¹

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Literary usage of Mother hen

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Nursery by John L. Shorey (Firm (1877)
"THE MOTHER-HEN. BY the side of my home a river runs; and down close by the banks of it lives a good family named Allen. Mr. Allen keeps a large number of ..."

2. In the Child's World: Morning Talks and Stories for Kindergartens, Primary by Emilie Poulsson (1893)
"As the mother hen walks about with her dear little chickens she seems to say: " This is why ... When the farmer sees the happy mother hen, he is glad, too; ..."

3. The Worlds and I by Ella Wheeler Wilcox (1918)
"\Yhen the mother hen clucked her eleven fluffy balls of life to follow ... Vainly the mother hen called and fluttered about him; he could not walk straight. ..."

4. The Kindergarten for Teachers and Parents (1908)
"Consider the tenderness as well as the unselfishness of mother hen. STORIES, SONGS AND POEMS. Stories: Clara Pierson's Barnyard People: The Little Chick ..."

5. Publications of the Folk-lore Foundation by Vassar College Folk-lore Foundation (1922)
"I mother hen. Old Lady. mother hen. Old Lady. mother hen. Old Lady. ... The "chicks" hurry into line behind the mother hen, each holding the one in front ..."

6. American Game-bird Shooting by George Bird Grinnell (1910)
"As I went by I could hear the mother hen at the side of the road in the bushes. The same day in the afternoon, a mother hen and one young bird were seen. ..."

7. A Practical Hand-book of Games by Emily Warren Elmore (1922)
"One player is chosen to be the fox, another to be the mother hen, ... The mother hen and her chickens start out from their house and as they approach the ..."

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