Definition of Negatives

1. Noun. (plural of negative) ¹

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Definition of Negatives

1. negative [v] - See also: negative

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Literary usage of Negatives

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. English Grammar: Adapted to the Different Classes of Learners : with an by Lindley Murray (1811)
"It is better to express an affirmation, by a regular affirmative, than by two separate negatives, as in the former sentence : but when one of the negatives ..."

2. Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific by Astronomical Society of the Pacific (1896)
"MEMORANDUM ON A PROPOSED OBSERVATORY ATLAS OF THE MOON FROM negatives TAKEN AT MOUNT HAMILTON. It is proposed to publish a map of the Moon from negatives ..."

3. A Manual of Photographic Chemistry: Including the Practice of the Collodion by T. Frederick Hardwich (1855)
"On Collodion negatives. As in the case of a direct Positive we require an image which is feeble though distinct, so, on the other hand, for a Negative it is ..."

4. A French Grammar: Or, Plain Instructions for the Learning of French ; in a William Cobbett by William Cobbett (1824)
"The words, which are called negatives, belong principally to that part of ... Our principal negatives are no and not, the former mostly applying to nouns ..."

5. A Greek Grammar for Schools and Colleges by Herbert Weir Smyth (1916)
"For the use of the negatives in subordinate clauses see the Index. ... The negatives of finite verbs in direct discourse are retained in indirect discourse ..."

6. The American Annual of Photography (1909)
"ENLARGED negatives OR BROMIDE ENLARGEMENTS. By WM. H. ZERBE. ... large prints I see are obviously direct enlargements on bromide paper from small negatives, ..."

7. Photo-engraving, Photo-etching, and Photo-lithography in Line and Half-tone by W. T. Wilkinson (1888)
"FOR making grained negatives, the apparatus, chemicals, ... Part I., for line negatives, are required, with perhaps a little increased care to secure clean ..."

8. Report of the Annual Meeting (1855)
"On Collodion negatives. By GEORGE ROBERT BERRY, Liverpool. There appears to have been a great difficulty with many operators in obtaining thai requisite ..."

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