Definition of Penicillia

1. penicillium [n] - See also: penicillium

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Literary usage of Penicillia

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Dublin Journal of Medical Science (1873)
"solution, in which were penicillia only. Hence, when fungi appear in a fluid ... When penicillia are found in a Solution of Organic Matter it is almost ..."

2. Science by American Association for the Advancement of Science (1916)
"developing from most of the soils is probably the mycelium of fleshy fungi. Other organisms, such as the penicillia, Fusaria and Spo- ..."

3. Special pathology and therapeutics of the diseases of domestic animals v. 2 by Ferenc Hutyra (1913)
"Characteristic of penicillia (brush-moulds) is an ... Pathogenic penicillia have so far not been found in domestic animals. Aspergillus glaucus; the hypha ..."

4. On Molecular and Microscopic Science by Mary Somerville (1869)
"Chemical changes in preserved animal and vegetable substances afford suitable food for the penicillia mould, if indeed they are not the immediate cause of ..."

5. Dairy Bacteriology by Sigurd Orla-Jensen, Paul Seidelin Arup (1921)
"... gain the upper hand ; if too dry, on the other hand, the penicillia grow too freely, causing the rind to shrivel ; all the green ..."

6. The Antiseptic system by Arthur Ernest Sansom (1871)
"penicillia were abundant everywhere; perhaps chiefly on the surface of the red currant syrup. B and C also showed some minute ..."

7. A Manual of Hygiene, Public and Private, and Compendium of Sanitary Laws by Charles Alexander Cameron (1874)
"When penicillia are found in a solution of organic matter it is almost carried away. 10. Moderately acid solutions of fresh organic matter generally first ..."

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