Definition of Picture book

1. Noun. A book consisting chiefly of pictures.

Generic synonyms: Book, Volume
Specialized synonyms: Coloring Book

Definition of Picture book

1. Noun. A book for young children in which the narrative is accompanied by illustrations. ¹

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Literary usage of Picture book

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Publishers Weekly by Publishers' Board of Trade (U.S.), Book Trade Association of Philadelphia, American Book Trade Union, Am. Book Trade Association, R.R. Bowker Company (1911)
"Nnu volumes: Beauty and the beast picture book.—Bluebeard's picture book. ... Mother Hubbard's picture book.—Red Riding Hood's picture book. ..."

2. The English Catalogue of Booksby Sampson Low by Sampson Low (1882)
"18mo, Is Seeley 1880 Birdie's picture book, 100 illustrations, sq. 16mo, 2s and Is Seeley 1875 Blue Bell's picture book, with more than 400 pictures, sq. ..."

3. Book-plates by William John Hardy (1897)
"CHAPTER V ENGLISH 'PICTURE' BOOK-PLATES IN turning now to consider English ... picture book ..."

4. The Works of Washington Irving by Washington Irving (1853)
"Newbery, of picture-book memory.—How to keep up appearances.—Miseries of authorship.—A poor relation.—Letter to Hodson. BEING now known in the publishing ..."

5. The Bookman (1897)
"No! if children must have anything so frivolous as a picture-book for mere amusement (a thing to be deplored), let them at least have books that may ..."

6. Works by Washington Irving (1897)
"... of Picture-Book Memory—How to Keep up Appearances—Miseries of Authorship—A Poor Relation—Letter to Hodson. BEING now known in the publishing world, ..."

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