Definition of Picture postcard

1. Noun. A postcard with a picture on one side.

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Literary usage of Picture postcard

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Red Russia by John Foster Fraser (1907)
"The Police and their Gams—A Veneer of Indifference—Coldness towards the Czar—The Picture-Postcard Craze—Assassination a generally-approved Weapon—The Grand ..."

2. A Hoosier Holiday by Theodore Dreiser, Franklin Booth (1916)
"CHAPTER XXVII A SUMMER STORM AND SOME COMMENTS ON THE picture postcard SHORTLY after leaving Ashtabula we ran into a storm —one of those fine, windy, dusty, ..."

3. Wilson's Photographic Magazine (1909)
"IN this paper we are concerned with the photographic postcards rather than with the picture postcard of the shops. The world-wide exploiting of the picture ..."

4. The Photographic Journal of America: The Oldest Photography Magazine in America (1915)
"Born in the North of England, Mr. Downey was the possessor of sound business instincts and foresight; on the advent of the picture postcard he was one of ..."

5. A New German Grammar for Beginners by Paul Valentine Bacon (1916)
"I shall send my brother a picture postcard, if they have good ones." " I hadn't thought of that ! " "I always send my brother a picture postcard, ..."

6. A British Officer in the Balkans: The Account of a Journey Through Dalmatia by Percy Edward Henderson (1909)
"The common or garden picture postcard presentment of this place, ... This was the view that had been taken for the aforesaid picture postcard, ..."

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